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Google Fax Service – 5 Tips to Choose The Right One

Google fax services are companies that let us link our Gmail address to a virtual fax line, so we are able to send and receive faxes as if they were common emails, using digital files from our computer.  This new fax technology has proven to be a very effective way to reduce costs and time associated to communications.

To get started, though, you must choose the right fax service.  This is critical if you want to reap the full benefits of digital faxing. A bad fax company can lead to frustration, and unnecessary expenses that will hurt your business.  Here are a few tips that will help you find a good service:

  • Stay on the lookout for services that want to charge you “hidden fees”: fees for doing something that is supposed to be included in your account. The most common variation is the “setup fee” which can go as high as $40! Top-notch services set up and give you a Google fax number for free.
  • Take advantage of 30 day free trials.  All reputable fax companies on the Web give you the chance of trying a plan for 30 days before you start paying for it.  On our main page you can find links to the free trials from the best companies of 2013. These free accounts come with all features included, and are the best way to personally test how useful a service is to your company.
  • Pick the right plan.  Plans are based on the volume of faxing you need to take care of per month.  It’s better to plan ahead and decide for the right package instead of paying overage fees, based on cost per page.
  • Ask for help.  Leave your questions to Google fax providers and see how much time they take to respond you.  This could give you an approximate idea of how good customer support is.  Also make sure that the service you choose not only has 24/7 support, but also makes it reachable through different mediums (phone, live chat, ticket system).
  • Look for reviews.  Many companies and individuals now use Google fax technology, so you can read on about their experiences with online fax services and how good they fare at sending and receiving fax through Gmail.  Look for forums and personal review sites to get a better idea of what to expect.

Take these tips into account before deciding for a fax service and you’ll end up with a fax service that helps you take your communications with the next level.