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What Types of Google Fax Numbers Can I Get?

google-numberIf you want to receive faxes on Gmail, you need a virtual fax number. Period.  We’ve already talked on our home page how email fax services can prove to be invaluable for getting one of these.  But did you know that you can have three alternatives when choosing a number?  This added flexibility is excellent for small business and companies that want to make the jump to the World of digital faxing.

Local numbers.  These are numbers located in your area, and the availability of them will depend in what country/city you live in.  If you reside in the USA you have total coverage but other countries are different.  The service that offers the highest amount of numbers cross the World is eFax, with presence in 42 countries and over 1000 cities.  But if you are in the USA or Canada, you can have local numbers from companies such as RingCentral or Nextiva.

Toll-free numbers.  These are numbers that people can dial and use for free, their availability is linked to the availability of local numbers in your area. For example in the US and Canada you can find 800, 855, 866 numbers among others.  Toll-free fax numbers are perfect for businesses who fax with customers and want to avoid extra costs they might have. Note this type of numbers are not available on all countries.

Your current fax number.  Many people worry that by making the jump to digital faxing they will lose the fax number providers and clients have – thus losing daily communications along the way.  That’s not true, thanks to a process called fax number porting, you can turn your physical line into a virtual fax line.  The process takes only a few days, and you’ll be granted a temporary number during the first month in case you experience normal transmission problems from the porting process.

No matter what choice you make, you need to know that these numbers are reliable and fast.  They will never be busy and will ensure you receive your documents in a speedy and efficient way.  Companies such as Nextiva also offer special adapters that can connect to your fax machine so you can use it along a digital line. This is yet another alternative you have while you adapt to digital means.

What makes the difference in the end is just what type of Google fax service you choose. So if you are still unsure, you can read our review of the top service son our homepage and try out to see how it works.  There’s a fax service/package for every type of need, so it pays to do a little testing before actually subscribing for a service.

As you can see, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to fax numbers right from the start.  The people at the other end of the line won’t notice a difference when calling your fax number, well just one: the whole process will be faster than ever before.  What’s even better, these numbers let you make of receiving faxes a truly hands-free process so you can focus on other things while the fax is received.  After that, just check your email, and browse the PDF file on your computer monitor!