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Gmail faxing has experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent years, thanks t the fact that is a much faster and effective way of sending documents, and it all con be done from any computer with Internet access.  This is possible thanks to the help of Google Fax Services

What Is Exactly a Google Fax Service?

It’s an email to fax service that integrates with Google Mail, enabling you to send and receive faxes in the same way you send and receive your everyday e-mails. This is done by linking your Gmail address with a virtual fax number, which routes incoming faxes through super-fast fax servers, capable of converting fax to PDF in just a few seconds.

Advantages of Using a Fax Service

Email to fax services have replaced the use of machines in thousands of businesses across America, according to latest statistics. This can be attributed to the fact that digital fax services offer a new and useful set of features that were impossible to enjoy by traditional faxing means. Let’s take a look at them:

Virtual fax numbers – Contrary to what happens with traditional faxing, you don’t need a dedicated phone line.  Instead, a Google fax service provides you a virtual fax number which works over Internet protocol.  This number will be linked to the Gmail address of your choice and you can pick between local and toll-free numbers.

Speedy faxing – Thanks to digital technology, now faxing is a speedier process. Sending a fax is just like sending an email, and you can fax digital documents, without needing to print them/or scan them; the whole process takes just about a minute and you don’t need to deal with time-consuming problems such as paper jams and lack clarity.

Try Before Paying – The best fax service providers on the Web don’t need you to pay a cent to start with them.  They provide full month free trials with all the features enabled so you can test how this technology works without being afraid of making the jump.

Integration with Smartphones – One of the most exciting features Gmail fax services have added in recent years is the ability to link your email fax account with a smartphone.  This helps you receive instant notifications on incoming faxes as well as compose and send new ones using the phone’s camera.

Top Rated Google Fax Services of 2013

Right now you will find many companies offering fax to email services, but only few of them have risen to the top thanks to their superior service and features.  Let’s take a look at what are in our opinion the best 3 fax services on the market.

RingCentral Fax – This company is the preferred fax service for small businesses and individuals, offering a great balance between monthly price and features.  Their basic plan, which allows you to send and receive 500 pages of fax per month costs just $7.99 when paid annually.

RingCentral integrates easily with Gmail and has your account ready in just a few minutes.  They have also added cloud faxing capabilities, enabling you to fax directly from Google Drive (previously Google Docs).

Efax– Efax is another great company that offers a wide array of features that help you enjoy faxing to the fullest.  Of all the apps we have tried for smartphones, the one developed by eFax is by far the best one, very easy to use and quite handy if you are always on the go.

They have only one plan, which costs $12.99 per moth.  Considering the prices of other companies, it is on the high side, but when it comes to support, reliability and features, eFax can’t be beaten.  This is the only company that can provide coverage in 49 countries and thousands of cities across the Globe.

Nextiva vFax – This company is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable fax service that still has advanced features. Their basic plan costs you just $4.99 per month if you choose to pay annually, an unbeatable price for the features you get.

Using a Nextiva adapter you can also keep using your fax machine. A nice feature for those who want to make a smooth transition from traditional to digital faxing.

Tips for Choosing Fax Service

Take these tips into account at the moment of choosing a Gmail fax provider, and avoid ending up frustrated at work!

  • Be on the lookout for hidden fees. Some companies try to lure customers by providing a very low monthly fee, but the conveniently “forget” to mention that they are charging you $50 just to set up your account! We have made sure that the services in this page are 100% free of these hidden costs.
  • Create a free trial account.  This is actually the best tip on the list, because it allows you to actually test how well a service works before you start paying for it.  Know that some services automatically charge you after the trial period is over, so if you don’t want to keep on using it be sure to cancel it before the 30 days have ended.

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