How to Increase Your Productivity with a Google Fax Service

One of the main benefits of integrating a digital fax solution in your business is that you can boost your productivity, by focusing your time on those tasks that require your attention.  Using a fax machine can be really time consuming, there are many ways in which digital technology has made things easier for us, and here we will take a look at some good examples.

Speedy faxing.  Faxing now only takes a fraction of the time that it used to take with the use of machines.  Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email, and faxes are received automatically in your inbox.  You save a lot of time right from the get go just by being able to receive faxes without answering incoming calls.

No more problems operating the machine.  I have used fax machines for years prior to switching to Google fax, and they were very useful, but you have to agree with me that sometimes you had to deal with time consuming issues.  Two perfect examples of this are the paper jams and poor document readability.  Well, faxing over email now is problem-free, and the entire sending process takes place automatically.

Schedule Internet fax. Services now give you the option of scheduling faxes to be sent at an exact time and date.  This feature comes in very useful when you have to be away from your office but still need to send and important fax, but can also be used to set all your faxes throughout the day and clear your mind about what you have to do.  Having a clear mind does wonders on your productivity!

Send a single fax to multiple people at once.  Having the ability to fax over email means that you can take advantage of this digital way of communicating.  What once required you to dial numbers one-by-one (with the occasional paper jam here and there), now just requires you to fill the Cc info on the email window.  The service will automatically send the fax to multiple recipients without extra steps and delays.

Fax on the go! One of the biggest improvement in latest years for fax services has been de development of mobile fax apps, which basically turn your cell phone into a virtual fax machine.  Downloading the apps developed by companies such as eFax and RingCentral is free for customers.  You can compose and send faxes either by typing the contents directly or by taking a picture of a document with your phone’s camera.  On the other hand, whenever a new fax arrives Gmail, you will receive an instant notification, you can then open the app to read the contents of the fax directly on your smartphone.

Gmail faxing is easy and fast, so if you are looking to cut the time you spend in front a fax machine, this is a must-have tool for your business.

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