What’s the Best Way to Fax from Email for Free?

We love free stuff! It lets us enjoy the good things in life without having to worry about paying for them later! In the case of faxing online happens the same thing.  I always get asked: ‘Isn’t there a way to fax from Gmail totally free?’

Well my friends, the best way to fax from your Gmail account without spending a dime is through free trials provided by Gmail fax services, that is, services that let you fax from your email and are 100% compatible with Google Mail.  Some people hate the idea of faxing free only for one month with a free trial, but what are the other alternatives?

Free Fax Sites

On one hand we have the so called “free fax sites”.  The idea sounds good, to fax for free online, but things are not that simple and there are some things worth noting about these pages.  First, they don’t provide any type of integration with Gmail, not to send nor to receive faxes, the service is limited to sending faxes using the web interface.

Second, they limit the amount of faxes you can send per day to 1 or 2, which is great if you are faxing only for a special occasion, but for most businesses it’s a no-go.

Third, every fax you send is preceded with a cover page with the ad of the fax site.  Again, for casual purposes this could be OK, but it is not recommended for serious businesses, especially when we are talking about important documents.  In the end you have little control over how your faxes are sent, which end up looking unprofessional to the receiving end.

Fax Software

The other option we have is using fax software, these programs use the internet or a connect to a phone line (via  fax modem) to send and receive faxes from a computer.  The problem with current software is that it is not as user-friendly as email fax services.  Everything is managed within the program, so you can’t receive or send faxes using Gmail.

This alone has many disadvantages, the most important being that you can only access your faxes from one computer.  With a Gmail fax services you can access fax from any computer with connection to the Internet, additionally you can opt to receive faxes in your iPhone if you opt for a service with mobile apps!

And well, we have to remember that we are talking about free ways to fax online,so the only alternative we have when it comes to using software are free fax programs in the form of freeware or demos with limited time and/or features. In my opinion this is a worse alternative than using free fax sites.

So, why is it better to use a fee fax trial? You get your own local or toll-free fax number for  a month, can take care of around 300 pages during the month in average, accounts are fully featured so you can test the full power of digital faxing.  If you decide to have a permanent solution further down the line, prices are very low with services like give you huge discounts with annual plans.

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